testing nice.social keyboard accessibility:

  • can barely see the focus indicator (very thin dotted outline) on links when they're focused. (i thought the image was getting focused, but though that can be clicked to open larger, it cannot be focused with keyboard.)
  • can't tab to the upload button on the post form, or the delete button (red circle with white x) once i start typing.
  • can't reach any of the top navbar items (help, about, sign out) with tab
  • can't reach the left sidebar (stream, home, etc) with tab
  • can't reach the right sidebar (all posts, social, etc) with tab
  • can't trigger the "post buttons" to reveal the actions i can take on a post.

basically not keyboard accessible.

also seeing my cursor turn into the pointing hand "you can click this" over the personal rows in the posts, but clicking does nothing.