i seemed to have to do a full page reload after logging in before i could click a post other than the ones i had just made and get the reaction buttons to show up.

(same issue in reply box of not being able to focus the image upload button.)


once i have the per-post buttons up, i can tab to them though.

i actually deleted the full post text once because i thought the X would just tell the charcount to go away, not cancel the whole post. luckily i thought that was ambiguous and copied the full text first.


testing nice.social keyboard accessibility:

  • can barely see the focus indicator (very thin dotted outline) on links when they're focused. (i thought the image was getting focused, but though that can be clicked to open larger, it cannot be focused with keyboard.)
  • can't tab to the upload button on the post form, or the delete button (red circle with white x) once i start typing.
  • can't reach any of the top navbar items (help, about, sign out) with tab
  • can't reach the left sidebar (stream, home, etc) with tab
  • can't reach the right sidebar (all posts, social, etc) with tab
  • can't trigger the "post buttons" to reveal the actions i can take on a post.

basically not keyboard accessible.

also seeing my cursor turn into the pointing hand "you can click this" over the personal rows in the posts, but clicking does nothing.

Macchiato and TestFlight apps didn’t transfer over to my new phone. I let my personal dev account lapse when Apple somehow failed to charge the card I have on file and use for App Store purchases all the time (go figure). Might wind up resubscribing to do a new build … or just learning to use the Website.

staying in the same area, or planning a longer distance move?



Macchiato is open source now at https://github.com/jeremy-w/macchiato/tree/jeremy-w/ios-15-updates. I’m using it daily. But it’s not on TestFlight any more - you’d have to build and install it to your phone using Xcode yourself.


I still remember when it kicked the llama’s ass.


but is it quality strong alcohol though


I struggle to identify anything that’s changed about core human stuff. Operating assumptions (is war ennobling, or destructive?) can make a big difference though.