Macchiato and TestFlight apps didn’t transfer over to my new phone. I let my personal dev account lapse when Apple somehow failed to charge the card I have on file and use for App Store purchases all the time (go figure). Might wind up resubscribing to do a new build … or just learning to use the Website.

staying in the same area, or planning a longer distance move?


Macchiato is open source now at I’m using it daily. But it’s not on TestFlight any more - you’d have to build and install it to your phone using Xcode yourself.

I still remember when it kicked the llama’s ass.

but is it quality strong alcohol though

I struggle to identify anything that’s changed about core human stuff. Operating assumptions (is war ennobling, or destructive?) can make a big difference though.


One of the (professional) readers for a long series of fantasy books speaks with uptalk. It confused the heck out of me for the first book, then I got used to it, and it no longer stands out for me at all. The pitch contour cues for end of sentence and question change, but are still distinguishable.


Dang. That is nice. Instead of laboriously lobbing thousands of rows over, I can generate them with some clever queries in the DB. Now I could run the whole shebang 4 times over in the time it used to take to just do the first step.

Apparently the slow part of batch insert is deser, since a big old insert into select from cross join that multiplies the data tenfold finishes in under a second, while the initial batch insert takes like 12 seconds across lotsa batches of a few records (due to max param count and lots of fields to fill in…).

if they almost strike, is that a spare?