They can be trained.

Edit: The trick is working out how to eventually graduate to the intended behavior in small, simple, reinforced behavior alterations. And positive behaviors are much easier to train than negative. So the “stay inside” thing could prove tricky.

Which opinion is that?

I do it directly from the device. Much easier that way.

Medium and are probably the cooler options for longer-form. 🤔

But the Indie Web keeps on doing its thing, and Web devs are definitely urged to run a site just to get some practice with the end-to-end themselves.


It’s pretty common for software devs to have their own sites still IME. Beyond that, Wordpress and Blogspot and such are still going, as are some newer site builders like Squarespace.


Where did you start to even begin to interpret the lingo around deck building and such?

It’s also not uncommon to earth to plumbing. (Possibly even required, to avoid an arc due to differential in voltage if current starts grounding out the ground spike.)

Copper supply piping makes a great conductor. PEX piping, probably not so much. And PVC drain piping also won’t pose the problems of cast iron drain piping. So, new materials have made plumbing safer from an electrical standpoint.


There are no beans, only Zuul.

A jr dev probably hasn’t learnt to regard legacy code as anything other than “that horrible mess I have to deal with, plus a great scapegoat”.

My wife ran into “gewgaw” today. I hadn’t heard that in ages.