grocery store bagging seems popular



Woo, Macchiato back in action on my phone. Main work was just deleting stuff. 😂

I think any Apple ID will work there.


screen recording of the cannot-dismiss-menu issue in this shared iCloud folder /

trust me, i tried that. It just redisplays.

Reply does immediately activate. Nice!

Pull to refresh, snazzy!

Would love for New Post to activate the text area immediatey.

Worked it out - trick is to open Settings. The Global/Home button also won’t go away till you open Settings, and in fact is occluding the reply text area as I type. So please excuse any typos - I can’t see the leftmost 15%.

Oh weird, it went back behind the keyboard once I dismissed and resummoned in an attempt to be able to hit the Reply button. Attempt successful. (Upload button still short here too. Silly buttons.)