i used to use the free utility MouseLocator [2point5fish.com]



this reminded me that i haven’t had a problem with losing my cursor since i used the older accessibility feature of boosting its size substantially. it felt clumsy at first (comically large!), but soon became normal, and i haven’t lost it since. i might have tried just changing the color had that option existed a few years ago, though.


Ack. I hope I can somehow beat the odds on that…


Their support is pretty good. I recommend reaching out to them.


Ironically, the scripts I’m writing to plump up the database with a decent working set in order to do some load testing are themselves running slower than I want to wait for. And I’ve only written the first chunk. 😬

I took a naïve approach in hopes it’d fly, but by the time I got to the fifth level of a hierarchy with a 10x multiplier, that was kinda the end. :\

vbox doesn’t run on arm?that’s a shame.


i will continue to advocate for regular inbox jubilees


And of course everyone is just like “bah SOC2 or gtfo”


While it will just sit on my desk 95% of the time, the other 5%, the laptop form-factor is pretty crucial. Unfortunately. I really would love a machine that never has to thermally throttle.