Ah. Yeah, afaik, 10Cv5 hasn’t implemented most of those. I keep hoping they come back. :(

The Profile issue I think is a mix of me needing to change where the data comes from, and some data maybe no longer being available once I do.


I’ve never tracked it, but suspect it’s more like monthly. I don’t have any science to it; I just decide it’s gotten a bit too long, and whack it back to trimmed and short again.

I think if I shave it rather than trim, it’s fine for a couple days, then pokey for a few days to a week, then comfortable again. There’s an intermediate length where it feels like it’s poking me whenever it brushes against something. Not shaving avoids that entirely.

The funny thing is that, before I stopped shaving, I got the tools and plenty of practice with double-edge razor shaving, so I can do a fine and pleasant job shaving if I want. But why burn the time every day or two?

Since I’ve stopped shaving, beards went from “sort of uncommon” to “absolutely everywhere” in my area, so I don’t even stand out for having one any more.


That looks a lot like what I trim my beard back to. I use an 1/8-inch guard on a buzzer whenever I decide it’s gotten annoyingly long and shaggy again. The hair density is pretty low.

I probably could have grown a full beard in 8th grade - I sported mutton chops throughout high school (facial hair must be above the bottom of the ears? let’s go right to the limit!) - but I always had a wimpy mustache until my mid- to late-20s.


Ah, I was thinking of Prismatic, which apparently is no longer a consumer-facing app. :\https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prismatic_(app)

Surprisingly, their open source Clojure libraries seem to still be alive and kicking:https://github.com/plumatic


Reminds me of Prism and Feedly.


Pixelmator > Services > Capture Selection from Screen ?


Sorry for your loss. :(



Be ready when your photo op turns into a video op. Say you’re taking photos and you see something you’ve got to catch on video. With QuickTake, there’s no need to switch modes. Just leave your finger on the shutter to start recording. Want to keep the recording going? Swipe right. To take burst photos, swipe left.

way down in https://www.apple.com/iphone-11-pro/


They say you can press then swipe left to burst on the iPhone 11 site.