still waiting for my dynabook

I enjoyed answering Stack Overflow questions back in the early days, but now every question seems to be either a duplicate or too localized. :\ I expect smaller Stack Exchange sites might have a better hope of that “early days” experience, since they have fewer questions to duplicate.

In speech, I think of it as a backstory introducer that signals “I have a point, give me a few sentences before interrupting.” But I’d probably edit that out of any written question before publishing.

I actually really miss the introspection tools of native app debugging and reverse engineering when I have to poke at anything web. It starts with “what do you mean I don’t have a CLI debugger interface” and just gets worse from there. nm, strings, ldd, ktrace/dtrace/etc - mostly rather lacking out of the box for poking at web apps afaict. I’d love to be shown wrong though by a wonderful kit of tools I just don’t yet know about.

Offline Web apps can be made nowadays. You run off the already-downloaded version and data. It’s not super commonly done though, because it’s more complicated than an always-online app. (Similarly, many native apps are also almost or even entirely useless without a network connection these days.)


Interesting. Here in the US, I’d expect a store to fall back to using a credit card imprinting machine. They’d actually file all the charges later. It’s slower, so might require more staff on register than usual, but it doesn’t require a total shutdown.

they tried to find GIF island, but it kept moving

what’s tarped over (the big blue hillock)?

i thought apple were using a Private Use Area code for the logo? 🤔

Edit: yup:

Grandparents called out sick. Children have summoned pandemonium.