Thanks! I didn’t expect posts not in my filters to affect their contents, but I can come up with ways it could now that I know it clearly has been. :)

Are Mentions and Global capped at the past two weeks? Or did something happen around 15 May?

Mentions did at least, I thought.

I never tried paging back on Global that far before. It’s annoying to do by hand.


Yeah. Weird. Nice is also showing my mentions all broken.

I think the database ate my mentions. I’ve got none before 15 May, and the one on 15 May doesn’t even mention me! (Edit hours later: The weird one that doesn’t mention me is gone now.)

Stars and pins seem intact.

Or not. I can’t get any before 3 May 2019 to load. Unless maybe I don’t have any before then, but I’m pretty sure I did - I used red pins to track bugs & examples of bugs, and Macchiato was buggy before then. 😂

Edit: Paged back in Global in Macchiato. Can’t load anything past midday 15 May 2020.

Same deal in Nice. This screenshot is the end of Global as far as it will show me. 92975175-1512-431f-84c2-17b9b972d793

I guess it’s a good thing it’s just me? I’ll see if Nice agrees.

Hmm. Macchiato seems to be showing weird stuff for my mentions. Only 2 posts, of which only 1 is actually a mention.

whan that aprill with his shoures soote, the droghte of March hath perced to the roote…

Wonder when this gets supported by PiHole. Blackholing at the DNS level is way too useful to give up.

Thanks for the kind words.


I never fixed upload. Viewing should work though. You can send feedback through TestFlight and probably attach images there?