i figure vendor count is like a golf handicap. “this yearlong project has a handicap of 10.”


clearly you should be a consulting dba for crypto people.


We’ve had good luck asking them to be quiet for a period (eg 2 minutes) and then rewarding them. Can be repeated, but also often breaks the noise cycle. And sometimes depending on age and mood just asking works.

For reward, we use a pom pom jar. Single quart jar shared by all kids. They select what they are working towards when they start a new one. Takes about a week for them to fill it and get ice cream or pizza or sleepover or whatever.

Parents have to notice and reward - they are not allowed to ask for pom poms. Eliminates nagging. But it also serves as a reminder for us to actively notice good behavior rather than just focusing on poor behavior.

But it turns out that a country that can’t even stop its prime minister’s official residence from crumbling doesn’t do a proper job keeping up with major expenses through reasonable planning and incremental investments.



What happens when you surpass the limit?


Edit: from https://www.carterjmrn.com/blog/impact-new-overtime-laws-japan/

If a company gets caught for not complying with the new overtime rule, or misclassifying employees as exempt, the Labor Standards Inspection Office can impose fines and penalties against both the company and whomever is tracking the employees’ working hours, such as the company manager or HR Manager,

At the same time, labor inspectors can currently only monitor 3% of all businesses in Japan.

Also looks like 360 hours per year and some interesting overtime pay figuring where OT that continues into Night pays more than OT that starts as Night. http://japan-payroll.com/overtime-pay-of-employees/

Ouch. :( I’ve done things like that enough that I’ve stopped trusting that one mitt will be enough, as annoying as putting them both on always seems. (Then I sometimes go and bump my arm above the mitt while pulling something out anyway.)


That sounds like way too much food-grade wax. 🤢



That port looks about the size of the air tool hose I’m used to. The sort of thing that powers a pneumatic framing nailer. (Also very handy for airing up tires and other things, with the right adapter.)


I think the picking for travel is a big issue. I’m on the opposite side of the country, so I’m glad to see Florida and Georgia berries (I’m in Georgia & the Florida border is a few hours’ drive south-southeast), and skeptical of California ones (you don’t want to drive that distance…).