Oh wow. So it was all there and just being horribly retrieved. 🤦🏽


Moving to caching the query results qualifies as a trick to me. 😆 So much of performance tuning can be very sensitive to access patterns like that.

Did you create a table and keep it up to date with triggers, or would a materialized view be workable?


What was the trick? Just better use of what was already there?


oh good it wasn’t just me. I was confused at being signed our everywhere recently, too.

Edit: Ah. I should really read their blog. 😊 https://github.blog/2021-03-08-github-security-update-a-bug-related-to-handling-of-authenticated-sessions/

just swap the magnet holding the backup floppy to the filing cabinet for a pushpin and the bulletin board and call it solved, eh?


Weird - somehow that didn’t turn into a mention for me.

Edit: Checked in Nice to make sure it wasn’t my client. Also not a mention there. 🤔

Three kids! The middle one turns 4 on Friday. The other two will turn 2 and 7 in August.

It’s good. I think on balance the most continually startling thing is the constant changes in everything. As an adult, I could basically freeze my world - routine, environment, habits… But with young kids, all that is in flux all the time. (OK, maybe less so routine, but actually carrying out steps like “get everyone fed” and “get everyone’s teeth brushed” has a lot more unknowns and curve balls than it has any right to. 😂)


TBH I pretty much only notice fans with the video call apps and certain more intensive compilation steps. And weirdly sometimes when Jira or Gcal have been up in a tab for a few days and seem to somehow start eating 100% CPU.

Do you know of anything particular about an Electron app that makes it any more resource-intensive than a browser and its tab? Or a standalone browser?


I’m doing good. I’m in basically the same situation as a couple years ago but with one more kid.


Typical Markdown behavior. I’d need to look up how to disable it. My guess would be a prefixed backslash though.