COBOL’s hard to beat both for fixed-format flat-file handling and for leading people not to screw up by using floating point for currency. It gets a lot of flak from people who don’t know a thing about it. (Pretty sure adding the report writer would have inspired a holy war if programmers had had the Internet though.)

FORTRAN is another in the “long-lived and resource-friendly” language camp. It’s probably even more healthy in terms of teaching new authors than COBOL, thanks to its continued use in the sciences / engineering.


Nicescape Navigator?

Matt Gemmell has an interesting summary of UX research on those menus at used to have some demos, but appears bitrotted across blog system migrations.

Your puck is a bit different, as it springs a typical linear rather than a radial menu.

I’ve definitely wound up stowing a scooter underneath when the elder tired and wanted to ride the rest of the way. Tricycle is probably a bit big for that, though, unless it’s collapsible.

The younger gets a few stops but knows I’ll strap them in if they keep it up. Plus they tire of running alongside pretty fast anyway. 😂

Jogging strollers are like the off-road version of a regular stroller. Really fun kit.


“now with drop protection” 🙈

Congratulations! What’s the reading material like for new readers - furigana on everything, or kana only?

Sometimes I feel like a large part of my role in caring for a newborn is to be a living bed for them. Strap them to my chest and they’re out like a light, but don’t deviate from vertical or they wake up.

No. Gifts come from family, not some old beardo with a sweatshop. ;)