Brains train fast. After brief exposure, I can already read many words in Shavian. (The many, many vowels can still throw me, though. They all look like the same short squiggles.)

You want Mouse Locator from then. It’s what folks used before Apple added their own version, and it does the circles thing.

They finally figured out how to subsidize the press.

You remind me that I keep forgetting about the press-and-slide trick with modifiers on the iOS keyboard. Like touch down on 123, slide to ‘, and touch up - no mode switch, just types the key.

(I also keep forgetting because I mostly type two-thumbed, where that motion is useless. So.)

Can you rig Shortcuts up to do that nowadays?


urban dictionary has an answer

it’s funny to think of days old. Newest is 73 days now. Eldest is 1,901 days. Middle 960. The 960 is definitely way easier than the 73 in the sleep department.

at least it’s not “bug fixes and performance improvements”

“black coffee edition”

What’s tripping you up? And have you tried long-pressing the space bar to “grab” the cursor?