Thoughts on KeePass vs Bitwarden?

autofill still works with local vaults using iOS autofill. Losing the share extension sucked. Especially since the browser extension can’t use biometric auth.

It’s often a part-time job at that level of government, isn’t it?


Not unheard of. A former cow-orker of mine made the switch to Georgia State Representative a few years ago.




ah, i think it’s maybe 15 here.

Edit: Apparently 14. Before that you can act, deliver papers, babysit casually, and do farm work. Then stuff broadens till you hit 18, and the sky’s the limit.

Edit2: Huh, editing broke the reply-to link. :(



check out Scriptable on iOS

Do bars not stock gin? Or are they covidclosed still?

(They changed stuff around here to where I can now get alcoholic mixed drinks to go.)


Amazon Points are interesting. In the US, nearest equivalent would be cash back on purchases made with the Amazon Prime Visa.