Both of those leaks were addressed, though.

The UDID one was closed with iOS 7, almost 7 years ago. (It made signing up test users for ad hoc distribution before TestFlight a right pain.)

The network one: MAC randomization came in with iOS 8. iOS 13 began limiting visibility into WiFi SSIDs and restricting Bluetooth access, both used for location sniffing.

If we could just get browsers to adblock by default…


Dunno. I mostly use it on my phone, which has my dev cert backing it, so it’s good for like a year. 🤷🏽‍♀

(If so, though, it sounds like this might be EOL. From personal software, back to personal software.)

Thanks for the rec. Like a much tamer Current 93 - no esoteric Christianity, apocalypticism, or yelling. 😂

Macchiato beta looks to have expired. Wondering if that’s an issue for anyone, or if I should let it lie.

Ah, interesting. Thanks.

What is M, and the codes in that column?

Ah, the write one to throw away feature kicked in.

(I remember that problem. And I got used to using the desktop clipboard to paper over it too. Thanks for the reminder not to trust iOS’s clipboard to hang around.)

Have you tried dropping the nap?

That sounds like a solid description of the experiences I’ve seen of people trying to screenshare after upgrading to Catalina. Maybe we should be holding our breath for iOS 14 to make the phone equally awkward somehow. >.>

I disagree. Split screen took some practice, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to go back! I use split screen a _lot_ for reading & note taking, or writing and consulting reference material. (I use slide over when I need to consult or write notes less frequently.)

If you leave the Dock autopopulating recent and suggested apps, you launch an app, go “oh this would be good with that other app”, go launch that other app, then drag in app 1 to the screen from the Dock’s Recents section.