But just think of the astonishing comeback story we could tell if we were on their side! 😂


TIL sanitizing is not the same as disinfecting.

  • Sanitize - make clean enough quick - 99.9% bacteria dead after 30 secs of exposure.
  • Disinfect - total annihilation - 100% elimination of bacteria and viruses with 10 min exposure.

You want your breakfast fork sanitized, but you want your surgeon’s scalpel disinfected.

they set the low bar on intelligence, y’see?


i live this far too often with the 1YO


at least if the screen is only 15 inches, for sure


and they keep doing it too if they get too wrapped up in things


An interesting criticism I hear from Mercurial users is that git’s insistence on _naming_ branches is really bogging down their use compared to in Mercurial. But I haven’t used Mercurial recently enough to understand the criticism properly.


I burned out two before switching back to gas. They just weren’t up to the job.

My favorite was when we took one in for repair. The place was like “yeah we fixed it, see?”, plugged it in, powered it on…and blew the circuit. Whole store went dark.


really, they’re leading with “put your money in the MOB”?


😂 what comic is this?