Always good to meet another Alan Parsons Project fan. :)

Spiteful parents, too.

I have similar duties here. I get to lie in bed and wait for them to pass out. It’s kinda annoying but also kinda relaxing. I often practice writing or typing with fingers on the sheets.

For the arm breakage worry, I’d be tempted to add a guard rail or padding on the floor. FWIW all our beds are mattresses on the floor, which lets us avoid both of those annoyances. (We rigged everything up to be safe for co-sleeping with infants and have just left it that way. The rooms feel way bigger with the lower beds!)

Oh my iframes.

What announcement URL?

What native UI is there aside from picking a UI toolkit (gnome, kde, motif, qt, wx, tk, …) and running with it?


No. :\ But there probably should be. 🤔

The default is to push on each commit in Working Copy. Has a handy switch in the Commit dialog that remembers how you last had it.

iVim lets you :w still to save when you want. And Working Copy lets you save by committing to git and pushing to a remote server.

What about GCP, Azure, or DigitalOcean?