Huh. I tend to either find the answer with DDG or find there isn’t one. I do tend to search docs first using Dash though, before doing any general Web searches.


You are Outlooking as intended AFAICT.

It’s both good that they aren’t and yet weird, since “enough addresses for everything to have its own” was kinda the point.

Gitlab sent me an email that closes, “If you recently signed in and recognize the IP address, you may disregard this email.”

It’s a full IPv6 address. If anyone is recognizing those, they have mad skills.

(Unexpected 4=>6 migration fallout, that.)

yes. SMS for 2FA is a bad idea.

Contacts is all about numbers you can call. But I bet a caller ID/blocking extension could support that functionality.

Update: Looks like the call directory provider has to just issue a list upfront, so you’d be adding in 9,999 entries to cover everything after that prefix. Probably would work fine though.

S/MIME was surprisingly well supported by most email clients last time I tried. (In webmail clients, though, mostly not so much.) But it’s still too darn fussy to bother with vs the OTR chat solutions.

the last installment in a series of posts digging into that:


It looks clean & cozy for sure. I’d love to have that “lip” as a reminder to unshoe. And that explanation for why the outswing makes a lot of sense.

Is that usual? (It looks it based on the small space - not enough for a door swing - before raising to floor level.) Most US exterior, bedroom, and bathroom doors open inward. I tell myself it’s so they can more readily be barricaded, but for exterior doors, it’s also cheaper - outward opening exterior doors need special hinge pins to avoid break-in by just removing the entire door.