yeah. :\

I expect ISO 27001:2013 certification is to blame.

I’m hoping to get a work machine upgrade to the new Mac arch, but I think that’ll depend on if all the “security” stuff has its act together to work with the new arch. Nothing like getting a dev machine and then having to handicap it with antivirus and crud. 😔

Strongbox is also available for outright purchase for $50 USD:


Now that’s a neat piece of work - removing the Python GIL [] while improving performance of single-threaded programs,

wrt “designed to be used”, how would you sum that up for postgres vs mysql and sqlserver?


still got that as a 20-second ringtone…

😮 what’s the concern if it’s not set up that makes you uninsurable (against what?)? Just zero trust in users to choose decent passwords?

i only notice because it’s on my screensaver. 😂


what gets me is AirDrop requiring both devices be on WiFi.

that and if you are connected to the same network with both ethernet and WiFi, Bonjour keeps going “this device name is already on the network, so let me add/increment a suffixed number”, and before you know it, you’re using “My Laptop-512”.