What was the fix?


My understanding is that SSDs cannot be securely erased. They need to be destroyed. They rely heavily on redundant storage capacity and wear-leveling, and overwriting what it presents as the disk gives no guarantee the on-device storage controller has actually overwritten the copies it last wrote vs some alternative for that sector.

Edit: https://kb.iu.edu/d/aiut has links to some manufacturer-specific tools that can properly erase the drive. Supposedly.

For bulk formatting, I’d see if the diskutil CLI tool [ss64.com] could do the job - it looks like it can. (Or a VM running Ubuntu.)


Glad you found it. If you turn on notifications from the TestFlight app, I think you’ll get an Apple push notification when a new build is available, too.



what the heck is a knowledge agent?


What are Ubuntu’s GUIs written in these days?


hah. Sic would have been a good fit there.


It’s a direct quotation, so it’s possible the speaker actually said “double-u arr tee” and they noted it that way.


I repurposed a larger fan. Neither quiet nor low-profile, but it gets the job done. And it helps with the temperature differential in the attic: freezing by the blower, 80 °F if you stand up and raise your hands high.


Just two right now. Probably three within the month.