Yes, it’s in light of R that I’m surprised to see SPSS. R was already starting to displace it when I was in college in the mid-2000s. A decade and a half later, the R ecosystem has grown tremendously and produced some really powerful tools for visualizing, exploring, slicing, and dicing data. (I’m off to one side being glad it’s all there should I need it one day, while I transform data from poorly-understood format A to ill-defined format B for 99% of the time.)


For me at work, chat and videoconferencing have almost completely replaced email. Work email is just notifications and other automated crud for the most part, and little enough of that.

Mailing lists do seem mostly dead to me. For good reason.

I’m part of several mailing lists. They tend to have crummier formatting and be harder to share and discuss with others in other contexts since there’s no URL, or if there is, it takes work to dig it up (in whatever the archive is). The traffic also has mostly gone to almost zero as people have moved to Facebook groups.

Web forums seem livelier than ever, though. I run into forums everywhere with tech stuff. Mostly Discourse but also nodeBB and some custom stuff (Nim forums are written in Nim). Sometimes chat is bridged across all of Matrix/IRC/Gitter/Slack/Discourse. Most of these Just Work using GitHub or Google as my identity provider.

(Outside tech, there are a couple somewhat active shorthand email web forums and even a group blog - how’s that for a throwback? - that I know of.)


I’m surprised they’re using SPSS, but at least it’s not SAS. >.>

I always thought the distributed issue tracking was a great step. It’s weird that distributed version control is so popular, but then we have these horrendous centralized issue trackers everywhere.


Collectibles continue. LOL Dolls are apparently huge.

Looks like the keyboard didn’t load. The accessory view on top with the arrows to jump between input fields is there, but not the keyboard it’s supposed to be on top of!


Often you can adjust the mixer setpoint.

What about pkgsrc []?

This was the deep South and a small location. I don’t think they offered hot or unsweetened tea. 😂

Tea at fast food places here is generally in a large percolator with a spout at the front. Often two, one sweet and the other un. Probably Lipton.

You drink fast food tea? You are a daring man.

I once got tea at a fast food joint on the Georgia/Florida border. It was basically sugar syrup with tannins. 🤢