Is there a way to list Starred or Pinned posts?

What does the highlighter icon in the Nice menu (between the chat bubbles and settings gear icons) mean?

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Nice’s dark mode is using the light mode “Pin Post” icon (so all black on a dark gray background) after I just signed in.

I was surprised while signed out that there seemed to be no way to view a thread from a post.

I believe it arrived alongside 3D Touch. On a device with 3D Touch, you can hard-press anywhere on the keyboard to enter that mode. On all other devices, it’s only accessible via a long-press on the spacebar. Definitely less than discoverable. :\


Macchiato is liable to expire before I can get a new build up. Been busy at work and not getting any laptop time outside it.

Hmm, I’m not seeing any issues with that. I do recall being thrown off by the more eager cursor setting - I’d try to long press to get it to drop a cursor, but that now selects the word. I think it took about an evening or two to adjust. The core “long-press spacebar to drag the cursor around” trick I’ve been relying on for a while hasn’t changed, though.

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(with fifth for fish)

Sign me up for TestFlight for your iOS app. :)

I see it there in 13.1.1 (the latest public release).

The newer generations are better. Probably a lot of the griping is from people who tried the gen 1 of that keyboard and just reiterate how much it sucks each year.