For better and worse.


I still remember my Dad going around unplugging everything when a storm was coming. Would have been 90s suburban Midwestern US.

I figure it’s still a good idea in theory, but not terribly practicable - the number of plugged-in devices has gone way up. (And surge protectors have probably also gotten better.)

(I still try to avoid bathing when it’s storming, though.)


I think it’s become more common as games transform from a single release to an ongoing, continuously developed environment.


Agreed - macOS sucks at unattended updates. I find it often needs me to press the power button to start it back up after it tries to restart during the process.

Not having FILESTREAM support kinda sucks, though.

I lurk as ever. 😆

The prompt for me is often when I try to checkout main only to find there isn’t one.

noticeably faster

Wow that is some serious nonsense. “If we reassign, all the bots attacking that address will somehow magically go ‘they changed their NAT tables, guess we should lay off’.”

Chimpnut and Arachis are good clients on iOS.