she tolerated three loud kids and our older dog well. she was not keen on the toddler at first, but warmed up after a bit. i figure unfamiliar toddlers must be terrifying for dogs - all their movements are sudden and not the best coordinated. 😆

she tried to follow us out the gate when we were leaving the shelter. she should be coming home with us tomorrow afternoon. (we need to pick up a collar and tag in the morning.)

not so coincidentally, we will be having donuts tomorrow morning. it was about time anyway.

my four year old likes your donut image 😂

read a whole textbook. Seems like a great tool for fixed-format records stored in flat files, and report generation from those records.

Seems almost to overlap with the preferences of many static site generation systems, come to think. 🤔




neat work.


yeah. :\ and pay even more if you enjoy not eating pesticides with your fruit.

you back up to write-once media?

generate_series makes me jealous. The JSON support is also pretty great.