Ack the post type picker won’t dismiss any more! Clicking the wavy button in bottom bar just re-displays it, and tapping outside doesn’t dismiss.

Oddly the image upload icon in post modal is wider but shorter than the rest, too. Might be only noticeable at larger font sizes?

Yup, better at XL, though replying can feel a bit claustrophobic on a phone screen!

Giving Nice a shot, since my local build of Macchiato is dead under iOS 15. Missing that Load Older button.

The dark mode is good. It’s a bit low contrast in places, esp the poster name, time, and geolocation against the black background. I’ll try bumping font size to compensate.

yup. hair’s the same length as our current dachshund-chihuahua mix, though the color will be far more noticeable on light fabric.

she seemed not a total potato but also not way too active. just the right speed. :)

she tolerated three loud kids and our older dog well. she was not keen on the toddler at first, but warmed up after a bit. i figure unfamiliar toddlers must be terrifying for dogs - all their movements are sudden and not the best coordinated. 😆

she tried to follow us out the gate when we were leaving the shelter. she should be coming home with us tomorrow afternoon. (we need to pick up a collar and tag in the morning.)

not so coincidentally, we will be having donuts tomorrow morning. it was about time anyway.

my four year old likes your donut image 😂

read a whole textbook. Seems like a great tool for fixed-format records stored in flat files, and report generation from those records.

Seems almost to overlap with the preferences of many static site generation systems, come to think. 🤔