waves back.

Ack no parent post again! Maybe just not threading when I reply to myself to thread?


Pretty sure I replied to myself with the parent post for this one (confirmed: hashtags etc), but it appears not to have threaded. I did delete all at-mentions, does that unthread the post?

I don't expect instant fixes, just doing my part to sound the alarm for every issue I see in faithful beta tester mode. :)

Just pinned 10C to my home screen. \m/

Confirmed: Hashtags are a thing. Search is under construction. #Geocities4Lyfe

It's really hard to tap outside the "no hashtag search yet" dialog on mobile!

Interesting, looks like the profile photo is put in a box with fill resizing and then has the circle put on top, judging by my oddly widened appearance in the timeline vs my profile photo in upper right.

Should there be some advice when setting a photo on recommended shape / an avatar preview?

Also would be nifty to have blurbs use the social/Twitter keyboard with prominent @-sign to simplify talking to others.


It looks more like a balloon to me, thanks to the inner highlight. I think with a pointy tip and maybe skewed a bit off-vertical (and foreshortened slightly?), it would say "pin" more clearly. :)


@height8 Hello! Headed to bed here but happy to check this out and help kick the tires. :)