Just patch the binary. ;)

has a WIP OS X client IIUC.

If I pulled a reply, I could see the older posts in the thread, but not by scrolling to the bottom of Global.

No, it didn't load more posts in Mobile Safari.

The timeline has a bottom! ?

Welcome welcome welcome!

What are your plans for the nascent OS X client?

Interesting, expiry also isn't surfaced in the UI. Cool that we could use this as a default-ephemeral channel though, with a client that makes the expires-in config sticky. 24 hours and the post disappears, say.

Just checked to see the expires-in bit _wasn't_ sticky in this client. Nope, it's not. For the best, really. :)

Pin color also appears invisible. It'd be neat for the quote bar on left to reflect the pin color, maybe. (Though color alone is probably not the kindest thing for colorblind users.)

Looks like the micropost tags are invisible in the current blurb UI.

So, what are the tags on microposts for, vs hashtags?

tags this port with 10C-meta.