still got that as a 20-second ringtone…

😮 what’s the concern if it’s not set up that makes you uninsurable (against what?)? Just zero trust in users to choose decent passwords?

i only notice because it’s on my screensaver. 😂


what gets me is AirDrop requiring both devices be on WiFi.

that and if you are connected to the same network with both ethernet and WiFi, Bonjour keeps going “this device name is already on the network, so let me add/increment a suffixed number”, and before you know it, you’re using “My Laptop-512”.

they might burn more power retrying 😂

Power optimization is really tough in large part because non-local. OS already tries to align timers to reduce wake-ups.

because generally it’s always in use. same on the phone. run Charles Proxy or Wireshark for a bit and you’ll see everything is just banging away in the background.

checklist? Or is there another way?

Ooh, Strongbox doesn’t look bad. Last time I looked at KeePass was before I got 1Pass 3? 5? so years and years ago. The iPhone apps back then were aggressively ugly. Strongbox could do with some icon design, but seems overall inoffensive, and featureful enough to make a good replacement for 1Pass. Glad to know it exists! 😃

Yeah, 1Pass 7 is the end of the line for the filesystem vaults. When 8 lands, you have to have the passwords stored in a service, though they’re looking at enabling self-hosting. Moving sooner rather than later is a good move.

I’ll probably move to 1Pass Family, since I get a free subscription because work is using their Business plan.

having used it for 4 years would make it a shoo-in, yeah. 😊