Yes, it’s clear from observed behavior that Internet == Facebook || Instagram. 😭

The drawing support it spawned is also impressive.


In the event I use some other apps in that genre that you might not have run across:

For plaintext on iPhone, I tend to use Working Copy, iVim, or Textor.

Drafts 4 still serves for random stuff where I don’t want to think about what to name the file. Editorial I soured on after it lost some work with its Dropbox sync.

And Apple Notes is actually surprisingly capable these days; if Drafts 4 dies, I’ll probably switch to it.

I have joked about clicker training. (The marble jar reward counter is basically the same thing and works great.)

Threats, hitting, or vandalism gets them a time out. One minute for the two year old, two minutes for the five year old.

For time out, everyone just leaves and closes themselves away from the timed-out kid and ignores them. After timer is up, when they’ve been calm for say 10 seconds, come out and move on with things. Not a time to talk it over. Remind why they were in time out, and on to the next thing.

They do not like time out. It is not a frequent need. More effective is praising good behavior whenever performed. Recommend The Kazdin Method for further reading.

Presently, the answer I like for theodicy is “because the gods are many and neither omnipotent nor omniscient”. I think Greer’s A World Full of Gods makes for interesting reading on this.

Your framing is interesting. I’m confused because some parts seem to suggest you’re seeking a single atheistic foundation contra a single theistic foundation, but I don’t see either as something to assume.

  • Why would there need to be a single reason for killing to be wrong?
  • Why would two different atheists, or two different theists, necessarily share the same reason?
  • How do wrong and evil relate?

It might prove fruitful to personalize the core question: When do _you_ feel killing is wrong, and why? Then worry about everyone else after. ;)

Got Macchiato parsing the source info for quote posts. Want to get it displaying that somehow before shipping. I keep having to load in webview now and it annoys me. 😂

Sounds like what’s colloquially known around here as pink eye. Often kids wind up with it (and spread it around to others, because kids). The speed that antibiotics clear it up with is remarkable. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh yes. Can’t do without an adblocker. The battery and data savings alone are great.