This is awesome, and I sorely needed it:

public relations officer, Godfrey Wiseman, coined a series of jingles to educate the public, using the terms "frosty fives", "tingling tens", "temperate twenties", "thirsty thirties" and "fiery forties" to describe human sensation to temperatures in degrees Celsius.


before that length, i miiiiiight have spent a few months wearing a headband with kitty cat ears that i borrowed from my kids 😊

i was surprised to find that, when my hair got long enough, i could part it and pull it back into a ponytail, and it looked just like i had well-combed short hair from the video feed. 😆

i generally see backup failure notices immediately. and then ignore them because pretty much everything lives elsewhere and just gets synced down.


Apple seem to be moving strongly towards dropping HFS+ in favor of APFS. (I don’t use Windows enough to know how things are going with ReFS there, but I expect much more slowly.)


@matigo💯 I’m eternally annoyed at not receiving redlines with these updates.

interesting that ISO 3166-2 doesn’t seem to provide codes for anything smaller than a department


Status pages are amazing. There’s always this moment where they proudly proclaim “all systems operational” while all the charts below that summary are screaming that they so, so aren’t.

I wonder if anyone’s thought yet to track pageviews of the status page as a status indicator?

I know that first one with the purple flower as an invasive plant [] in my area. Vinca minor / common periwinkle. Stuff is pretty but will cover a whole swathe like a mat and prevent other stuff from growing. :\ It’s aggressively trying to take over my yard.