Does that door open outwards rather than inwards? And is it an exterior door?

I do not miss that part of having a cat.

I’ve been getting my groceries that way since January or so. It can be frustrating when they neither find nor substitute for something that you know they still have stock of - can totally wreck a meal plan. But mostly it’s pretty great.

(They also incentivize it with bonus Fuel Points, so I’ve refueled a few times at like 75 cents a gallon.)

That “updates ASAP” approach is called “rolling release”. Arch is one of the best-known rolling-release distros, and it has a lot of forks, too. Many of the fixed release distros seem to run their testing distros as rolling-release. There’s also less know rolling-release distros like Solus and Void.



I wonder if using the & infix concat operator and the textjoin() function might make it a bit more readable?

I bet zeropadding with the prefix 00 then grab the last 2 digits approach you used is shorter than converting to a number with value($ then back to formatted text with text(), hah. 😂

Analog clocks are getting increasingly hard to find. (I bought a few and the minute hand kept getting stuck. 🤦🏽‍♀ )

Isn’t that only when running on ARM?

It’s branded as 11 but still reports its version within the OS as 10.whatever as of now. Wonder if that’ll change before GM.


There are services that do so:

Nextcloud News used to, but gave up:

(Huh, half of those didn’t get picked up as URLs by 10C.)