now complain where it can maybe make a difference: complain to their data protection officer at [email protected] (found at ). if they don’t answer in a way you like, complain as advised at they failed to obtain explicit consent [] prior to collecting and storing your data. you can also request data deletion.

it’s so hard to find a laptop with a proper serial port these days


whoa, i missed where they bought Tumblr

good luck resisting its allure. glances at piles of books everywhere


Nope, straight out of _1984._


It’s when the only sounds that come out when you talk are approved phrases and talking points. You’re not thinking, just barking out the expected sounds.


i’m just waiting for when someone realizes they can publish the same news twice but just flip the sentiments and targets of ire. two newspapers for the price of one!

“Issue X ties into stereotypical [PARTY] preference Y. Person Z promoting it is [BAD/GOOD]. Person W opposing it is [GOOD/BAD]. When will they realize that only [PARTY] policies can save us from [INSERT PARTY-PREFERRED APOCALYPTIC SCENARIO HERE]? Here are some photos of people waving [PREFERRED FLAG/BANNER]. Now go buy some merch at [SITE], share the link like it’s VD at spring break, like and subscribe, check out our podcast and sponsors, and duckspeak your way to party purity!”

i’d blame the podcast editor heavily there. make your interview coherent or don’t publish the damned thing.

Probably nothing compared to the juggernaut of JavaScript, but its creator seems often in the tech news, both for politics and for interesting tech twists added onto Rails, like Hotwire []. Though it has its close relative in Phoenix LiveView, it also differs [].

Edit: I figure it’s akin to Spring and Django at this point: Still seeing lots of use, but not so much buzzy as staid and effective. (I guess I just effectively called Rails “enterprisey”, heh.)

This somehow got unthreaded, but it’s in-reply-to:

i hear beano can help with that problem >.>

ephemeral media freaks me out as an archivist-in-mindset but is probably the right move for a lot of people.