you can come up with reasons to think it does/not help either way, hence the attempts to test those explanations. Even establishing cause doesn’t do much to help with mechanism of the cause. Statistics & experimentation are royal pains to cadge actual meaningful information out of.


i miss the orange lights too. 😔


for a long time, the best available public policy info didn’t show a conclusive tie between lighting and crime. but it looks like an experimental study in New York in 2019 seemed to show a 1/3 reduction in crime through better lighting. though i haven’t done a literature search or reviewed their methods to see how decisive it was in the end.


image 404

It often surprises me with suggesting proper names or odd technical words right when I want them, though, which I do appreciate.

My favorite is when I have to dig around to actually find their address and hours.

Wow, Skype. I forget that is still cruising along under Microsoft.

For photos, I send a weekly email with a photo or three to a few family members. I don’t have any photos streamed to where any extended family could see; selection and framing are crucial. (Not to mention all the documents that get dropped in my photo stream from scanning, and other randomness from working around apps not supporting paste or files, just photo library picking, to add an image.)

Ember mug has been pretty great in that regard

fwiw i’ve used google meet or zoom for video and signal for chat/photos in similar situations

I’ve used it usefully to patch things together several times. Most recently as a way to drop a link to a Pages document explaining how to print from Mobile Safari on the Home Screen and write it to trigger when asking Siri “how do I print?”

It’s also how the Home app automation works to say turn a light on at a certain time every day - the same Automation setting shows up in both Home and the full Shortcuts app.