Talk is cheap, eh?

Is the user's timezone selection visible in their profile? It'd be kind of neat to see what time of day they're posting relative to their timezone, not just mine.

The power of coffee compels you! The power of coffee protects you!

If you end up experiencing TPS report conception, it will truly have gone too far. ;)

Getting some API docs written up would probably help everyone in spinning up clients, and I plan to have some flavor just as a result of investigating the current API.

Me, too. Had a late coffee and that seemed to help with a headache.

I wanted to get your opinion on open source code for 10Cv4. Should I keep everything private, including any API docs I might write, till it comes out of beta? Or would a public GitHub repo be fine, since access to the service itself is still controlled?

Or wait, actually since Wednesday night. Not been a fun end of week.

Sadly no. I'd hoped to spin up a Swift Playground and have at it, but we've been dealing with sickness in the family since Thursday night. :( I'm waiting to see if I fall ill the same way or if I'm just exhausted from insomnia. I suspect I'll know by morning. It's not even 8 pm here yet, and I'll be turning in for the day instead of hacking. :\

I used Puppy for a while on an old IBM laptop, after I failed to configure X for it under FreeBSD. Worked well on that old hardware.


I am cheering on Load More. :)