@keitaI kept trying to tap outside the callout. I thought I succeeded by zoom out and tap at edge, but I must have just hit the callout itself.

// @matigo Standard behavior for popovers on Apple platforms are to dismiss on tap outside. Modal alerts and such generally have an OK button to dismiss instead. One the user can ignore, the other they have to interact with.

It's going to take some adjustment to think thoughts longer than 256 characters. ;)

@matigo I think that gives me enough implementation detail to understand how to work around that issue. :) Is there an API spec somewhere? (Though IIRC you mentioned some clients already in progress.)// @keita

@matigo Since you have italics for the handle, maybe set the whole name + handle bit in the same light gray?

I think of the name as attached to the profile image, so I'd almost expect it as a caption beneath rather than something off to the right side.

// @height8

@matigo I've actually done that kind of threading on ADN. Sometimes across several days I think, as I plug away at a side project and slowly research things, try them out, and report back with the results. It's not just made up!

I am guilty of also treating a post as a paragraph or thought in itself, so I tend to thread a series of thoughts together. There's a tension here between "we should fade long thoughts so they don't eat the timeline" and "a blurb is one thought". I can see it both ways.

That sort of multi-day threading could be handled by editing the post and top-posting with the new bits, as long as the blurb sorts into the timeline by last modified rather than creation date. That might be the more 10C native approach to balance these desires?

Having an asterism to separate thoughts might also make me happy to put multiple thoughts in one blurb, hmm.// @keita

@keita waves back.

Ack no parent post again! Maybe just not threading when I reply to myself to thread?

// @matigo

@matigo Pretty sure I replied to myself with the parent post for this one (confirmed: hashtags etc), but it appears not to have threaded. I did delete all at-mentions, does that unthread the post?

@matigo I don't expect instant fixes, just doing my part to sound the alarm for every issue I see in faithful beta tester mode. :)

Just pinned 10C to my home screen. \m/