Can someone remind me of Cappuccino's URL? I forgot it. Have it saved on my home screen on my phone, but couldn't remember how to get there on my desktop. And then the 10C Admin blurb UI ran me out of API requests (you get 500 per hour, it seems?).

Looks like there's only the one (public, global) blurb channel here, but per-post visibility settings can affect what each person can see from it. And then the various endpoints (home, global, pinned, mentions, interactions, starters) are just filters onto the global channel stream.

Looks like the plaintext content is being sent with escaped ampersands? Parent post showed up with an & when fetched.

Am I right in thinking that, if I want to ever see edits to posts I've fetched before, I'll need to use the "since unix" rather than "since post ID" bound on a stream request? Or does an edit assign a new post ID, too?

Does the simple_posts=Y setting do anything? I tried (while unauth'd) and it spit out a verbatim identical post structure. I was expecting it would maybe xref to author and such by ID rather than inlining them.

Hah! No much of anything just yet. I wanted to see something meaningful before I went to bed, so rushed to wire it up to the public global endpoint. Readonly textonly.

Some poking around this evening has spawned this ugly start. Everything starts somewhere!

Macchiato: Global Stream

Cool, thanks! Beats the pants off chasing down post refs. :)

Yeah. Or "hey are there new posts in that thread stream?"

Does the API have a way to easily grab a whole thread-tree beneath a root post? (I'm reading the docs, and the post example doesn't have any thread attached.)